Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Japan elevates its space security agenda

From "DEFENSE OF JAPAN 2011" (Provisional Translation)

Part II The Basics of Japan’s Defense Policy and Build-up of Defense Capability
    Chapter 3 Toward a New Defense System

    1. Efforts for Development and Use of Space (excerpts)

    For Japan, a country which has an exclusively defense-oriented policy, the use of space, which does not
    belong to the national territory of any country and is not constrained by conditions such as surface
    topography, is extremely important for strengthening information gathering functions for detecting signs
    of various contingencies in advance, for strengthening warning and surveillance functions for use in sea
    and air zones in the neighborhood of Japan, and for ensuring means of communication in the international
    peace cooperation activities of the SDF.

    also -

    In the future, the Ministry of Defense intends to vigorously conduct examinations on specific measures, in
    coordination with related ministries, including the Cabinet Secretariat, based on the Basic Guidelines and
    the Basic Plan for Space Policy in order to promote new development and use of space in the security
    field. In FY2011, it will address projects such as 1) research for enhancement of C4ISR utilizing space, 2)
    enhance space-based communication capability, and 3) expanded use of imagery from commercial

    Section 5. New Efforts Based on Recent Trends

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